Why do you guys think he wants to come back? Do you think my most recent ex will come back as well?

I had a fling with this guy last year for about one year- he wined and dined me then would always lead to his place after. I caught feelings and I remember I keep pushing the "what are we" he was just cool about it and kept dodging the question. Then finally last 4 months I had a boyfriend (now ex) and I of course completely moved on from this fling, and I lost feelings for him.

Now, all of a sudden he has been TRYING to come back in my life and even wanting to be friends at least. I don't want him in any intimate relationship... But it's weird why people come back when you don't want them anymore and the ones you want they haven't come back yet and when they do, it's already to late. My most recent ex, I have yet to experience this.. I would love to hear from him.


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  • If they can't get new girls they all come back pretty much

    • Lol... Wondering if my most recent would? I miss him so much it's almost gonna be 2 months since we last talked

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    • Chances are?

    • I would have to be both of your friends in person to give you numbers

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  • Maybe he realized what he lost? Some people miss out on great people only to realize it later in life. It's the case of you never know what you have till it's gone. People take you for granted then come back when they see what else is out there then their story changes quickly. So my gut is telling me he's missing you and wants to reconnect in some way.

    As with your recent ex. It's impossible to say. Who left who? What were the circumstances? Those are important things to know if you want to determine the odds.

    • Omg thank you so much for this message.

      I broke it off out of emotions- so stupid of me, I had my reasons though and the next day I tried apologizing and explaining but he doesn't wanna take me back anymore. I gave him one week space and reached out to him again, and it just went unanswered.

      One week later he texted me on my graduation day (may 18) I thanked him a couple hours later and haven't heard from him since then. I have been stalking him constantly on his social media and I have been seeing some post about "missing someone, having hard time sleeping, feeling furious" I can't help but think it's about me? Who knows... It's hard to say when he hasn't reach out to me

      But I would LOVE to hear from him more than anything

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    • LOL you won't believe it but I also don't know if my ex is back with his first "girlfriend" cause I saw a pic of them together on FB so I'm also wondering if my ex is back with her. This is kinda creepy how we're going through the same thing >_<

      I have racked my brain on trying to figure this out.. I really have... and I can't seem to find any logical reason. I don't know why our ex's want to go back to their ex's when they have us in front of them. I'm hoping that with time he might come back and in your case that your ex will come back too. I try to just tell myself that what needs to be will be but of course it's difficult at times. I've stopped looking my ex up on social media and it seems to be helping a bit for me.

    • that is crazy! I'm sorry to hear if they are trying to patch things up!
      You know I have been stalking him EVERY SINGLE DAY since we broke up May 5th last month, Sometimes when I'm about to click his name again, I'm like "gosh i'm tired of this." but I honestly can't help myself because I'm really curious what he has been up to.

      I'm wondering if he is as well. I hope he comes back :( or at least if he does at least I'm moved on by then. Same goes for you.

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