Is it strange that I don't feel bad about my parents being divorced?

They just told me that they're splitting, and I feel bad for them. I live on my own, and so my own life won't change. I've been expecting this to happen because of how much tension and the fights that they've been having for a while now. Otherwise, I feel perfectly fine.


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  • I don't think so. If my parents got divorced I'd feel relieved actually. All the fighting, yelling and lack of love is enough to depress me and make me feel bad. I just want them to be happy so I no I don't think it's strange. Sometimes you just understand why when you see how unhappy they are.


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  • Nope. You're old enough to process this in a mature manner. You understand the underlying reasons so you're not confused. You don't live with them so it won't affect you.

    Makes sense to me.

  • No it's normal, you could see it coming and you're old enough to deal with it.


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