My ex is ticked at me still?

Well right after we broke up, he was being kind saying he hopes we can be friends and that we date others for the right reasons and yadda yadda and we tried being friends.
Then i went to give him his things and he yelled at me telling me i was getting too close to one of his friends and accusing me of rebounding! what?
then he said he needed time to get over all of this and we could be friends later, after yelling at me and its been a month and he still ignores me. he even got in a fight with his friend he thought i was rebounding with even though nothing was happening. they are still fighting. wth!
im trying to be nice and invite him out but he doesn't even wanna talk to me or talk to his friends about me. he refuses to even respond to people asking him to go places if im coming along too.
whats the deal? he broke up with me, and if he wants to be friends he sure is showing it in a funny way. (plus word is he is back with his older ex who had been waiting on us to break up and she started talking to him right after we argued)


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  • Too much verbiage for a small problem. Stay away from him best you can.


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  • maybe he wants u more than a friend i guess

    • why would he be acting like this then?

    • guess he hates seein u around wid other people

  • He's your ex though...

    • Just cut off whatever ties you have with him because trying to be friends with him isn't working in your situation

    • We were good friends before we dated, and we have mutual friends. like a ton of them. we have to get along eventually. just i dont know why he's being such an ass about it

  • Yeah probably.


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