Am I moving on?

So, my ex said he didn't love me anymore, after over a year and a half together. It was pretty hard to take, but it's been a few months. And now, when I think of him (which I try not to) I just am mad I guess.

I used to want to know everything he was up to after the break up, but now, whenever somebody brings him up, I just don't want to hear it.

And I was actually consistently happy today, but then I saw him with his new crush and it totally ruined my mood for over an hour. And it just makes me angry that it can do that to me.

Am I moving on at all?


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  • You are movein on. The anger you get is because there's still feelings there some that might not ever go away. Your over the break up but not completely over the connection you have to him. You can live your life and that's good so you are makeing progress.


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  • I've been in your shoes a couple of times. You are moving on slowly. It takes time to completely and totally move on. Trust me. Allow yourself that time. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. I'm not saying that it should take forever because it won't and you shouldn't let it take that long but at the same time allow yourself to feel the emotions you have, don't over do it but let yourself feel it. I wish you the best of luck.

  • This is so normal! You have already moved on. believe me, even if you have kids and husband and you see someone that you had memorries with you'll get these feelings. this is so normal. Don't blame yourself. YOu have so moved on!


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