What is my ex girlfriend's deal?

So my ex and I started talking again after being broken up for about a month.. its been 2 weeks that we have been talking and she made it clear she just wanted to be friends and didn't want a relationship with anyone right now. Then a couple days ago she invited me over and we spent pretty much the whole day together. After I got home she calls me and tells me that a she just stopped seeing a guy that she had been talking to for a few weeks which completely blindsided me, and now all of a sudden she says she doesn't know what she wants, and she needs time to clear her head to figure it out.. I feel really p*ssed that she didn't tell me about this guy because I asked her if she was seeing anyone when we started talking again and she said no which was a lie so I'm pretty angry about this.. Also I do want us to get back together and I'm thinking she's feeling the same way to, on the other hand I have this suspicion that I may just be getting used here, so to say the least I'm very confused.. She even invited me over again last night but I said no because I wasn't sure it was a good idea right now.. So can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with her and what I should do?


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  • She probably wants to be with you, but she needs time to think.


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  • If you really want to get back with her, ignore her. And when I say ignore, I mean don't initiate any contact with her. And when she does contact you, play it cool. One word answers, etc. She will want you back bad after you have showed her that you are indifferent to her. This is really tough to do on your part but I can almost guarantee it will work. I have done it a few times when I thought we should get back together and they always came back.

    On another note, I just want to let you know that each time I got back together with my ex, it didn't work out and didn't last long.

    Good luck.


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