She left. Why would she still talk to me?

Together almost 5 years. Mid to late 20's. Flaws and all, love of my life. Left me because she missed home. My reasons for not immediately going were career related, it was complicated. A month after she's back though she's Facebook official with her old high school boyfriend. Duh, if they weren't talking before she left she hit him up as soon as she got home. I don't buy this I just bumped into him crap. I have my reasons. she handled things when she left very poorly. I should've just cut her off but I didn't, almost 5 years I didn't wanna throw it away. Marriage in the works, very serious. There was back and forth, we almost got back together I was going to move. I visited (they broke up briefly) she went back, she handled it poorly by the way and i've stayed away for the most part COMPLETELY. She doesn't know how to be alone, he's very clingy and younger than her. They've been all in love and happily ever after for about a year and a half now. a couple of times some heavy stuff was going down I would be drunk and hit her up about my stuff. I'm here, anytime and you know that she says. Which is funny because no I don't know that. If I were him I would not like that, at all. The kind of guy he supposedly is I know he wouldn't. There's a story behind that. I've had a very hard time moving on... I thought about asking her if she would have coffee with me to talk, not about reconciling but something I considered for me to help. So I asked her not long ago if she would call me because I had something to tell her. We had not spoken over the phone like that since she left. And she called but I played it off like I was busy said I will call her later. I didn't expect her to call so quickly. I mean I figured they were prob living together by now. I'm suprised she's not engaged. I haven't called her back and I doubt I will. Weak moment, you've been there. But the point is why would she even talk to me at all? I know most women won't do that. She didn't care and had no respect the way she left, like I meant nothing.


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  • You have a bigger problem mister.

    It sounds like you're mopey and depressed about the situation. I don't mean that you're unhappy about losing her. But it sounds like you are not happy with the loose ends left behind from how the relationship ended. While you may have both moved on, or aren't interested in each other anymore, your mind will always linger back to that loose end. I suspect you may have even had dreams where you two sat down and chatted with each other - saying the things you needed to say in real life - but never had the chance to.

    I would probably suggest to get over your pride, arrange an afternoon and go to coffee with her to make this discussion happen and put your mind at ease so you can carry on.

    • It's not pride. But your right. I'm still in love with her. And I couldn't do that... I could t handle it.

    • And there was definitely a lot of loose ends but that had nothing to do with me... I couldn't help she handled it the way she did. I'll never get it from her. So I guess like they say, what don't kill you makes u stronger. I'll get over it one day

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  • I don't know why she would do that, but I do know that you talking to her isn't helping you. Everytime it will just remind you of her both the good and the betrayel. If you wan't to move on then you need to move on. She left you of her own volition, she made her choice it isn't right that you should continue to suffer because of it. Let her go, cut off all contact with her and find someone who actually cares about you.

    • Xactly why I didn't and I'm not calling back. Thk u sir

    • Yeah it sucks but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  • Ahw stopped loving you a long time ago. And waited to find someone before making the jump.


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