He's my ex we don't talk because I pushed him away but I want him back in my life?

So I have know this guy for 3 years and I have liked him ever since I knew him but we were never close until we stated dating a coupe months ago. We were in our senior year of high shool and I was his first girfriend. He was amazing to be honest and we had this connction that words simply can not explain. During the relationship I felt like I wasn't good enough for him, I've never told him this but I was always trying to be the perfect girlfriend for him because I was his first actual realtionship. Anways things tured for the worst after two months of dating, I found protection in his bag and it kinda of freaked me out because I knew that meant he wanted xxxx and I began to think that if I did anything with him he might disappear on me. I knew he wasn't that type of person but I had to confront him about it just to make sure, He got really offened when I told him and I made it worst by saying I didn't know what type of person he was. Then I told him I didn't like the way the realtionship was going and he end up breaking up with me with a complimant sandwich and asking if we could still be friends.

Anyways fast forwarding, After we broke up I did everything your not suppose to after a break up. I had to delet his number to resist the urge to call him, basicly I had to push him away to give myself time to get over him. Not even a month later I found out that he was starting to talk to another girl. When I found out I immediately told him I could not be his friend and explained that I needed time. This was the hardenst thing to do because I saw them together everywhere, he didn't even try to hide it. Mainly it was his friends shoving it in my face, by the way I found out from them. THIS HURT LIKE HELL GUYS but eveutually I sucked it up and accepted it.

It still hard for me to think that he has lost all emotions for me and this chick isn't just a distracction to him. It's like deep down I still feel him there and I ignore it. I really want him back as my friend cause I care for him and I have never connected with somone like how I connected with him. I feel like I hurt him really badly but he's hurt me even worse. I wish we cold just forgive each other and move on with life but I think he as something aginst me and things will neverbe the same. I just miss having him around what do I do?
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  • I think you can find better, but you really need to let it go. At that age, I could be into one girl one day and then another the next week- it has nothing to do with emotions, it is pure lust. Who ever is showing him more attention and, given what he keeps on him, more willing to put out is who he will go for. DO NOT feel like you have to do anything to get a guy though. There are plenty of nice guys willing to wait, just not this one.

    • This is spot on.
      He is acting his age, let it be.
      You will find better, people that are capable of letting go always do

    • Yeah you are right it's best for me to let it go then to chase him. There plenty of nice guys out there that will be worth it and right now we are both still young. Thanks for respond it helped me get some perspective on the whole situation.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Let him go here, dear, he has Obviously moved on with another. As much as it 'Hurts like Hell,' what did you expect him to do? You had your chance with romance but it ended badly Because... I told him I didn't like the way the relationship was going...
    He may have picked up and picked on a Rebound Rebecca, but it doesn't matter. Let it go, at least for now, and if it ends up you both can be these 'Friends,' then it would have been in Mother's Nature plan to get the... man. It may end up to be another full circle with him because it seems you have not got past the way you were Fret Feeling then and need to do First some soul searching to.. Overcome this.
    As wise as I am, I am not only giving you my own 'Compliment sandwich,' but I am hoping I am your... Hero today.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks your right I'm just go to let it go and do some soul searching and focus on myself for awhile. There is no point in worrying about some guy that's not even thinking of me. I will be strong and let it go thanks.

    • However, to be fair to you, one never knows what Mother Nature may have in store behind another door... I have seen it happen where one minute two people are gone and back... tomorrow. However, for now, just move on and let Life take its course... Oh, so welcome. xx

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What Guys Said 1

  • well I don't know so you just broke up with him over a condom you found in his bag.. then you did every thing that tells him you don't want him anymore and you feels bad because he is with a girl now... Okay I suggest you leave him be and begin again somewhere else cauze you sound to me jealous of his new relationship not wanting him back

    • I will admit I was a bit jealous at first but more shocked if anything. He broke up with me, I never wanted the relationship to end, I wanted to fix our problems and move on but he said that he wasn't in it for it to last and that we wanted different things. I could care less about his new relationship I don't even want him back in that way anymore, I just wanted to be his friend again. But now I think it's best to let him go because the damage is already done

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should move on.


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