Do I wait for her or move on?

I posted a question like this before but it was really long with a lot of detail so read that one or ask me questions if you really want to know them. My girlfriend broke up with me about 5 months ago because we had grown apart and she said she needed to figure out who she was and be on her own for a while and probably go on some dates to figure out what she really wants. I have told her many times since the break up that I want her back and am still in love with her. She tells me that right now it can't happen with me or even anyone else. My question is do I give her the time she needs and possibly get hurt by her maybe meeting some new guy or do I just give up and move on? Like I said if you want more detail just ask and I will answer them all.

i should add that we talked the other day and she told me that she hasn't gone out on a single date but has been asked several times and turned them all down.


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  • Move on


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