How to get over a guy?

We haven't offically ended anything, which is becuase nothing offically happened between us. We used to joke how we were a one night stand gone wrong... Basically we just hung out and had sex (a lot), which was great. This happened for a couple of months, and we saw each other quite a lot, so in some ways it was intense. But now we've moved away from each other for the summer, and he's not been in contact, and when I made contact it was clear he wasn't interested in talking. A part of the problem is that I think I got feelings for him, and maybe he didn't have them for me, so he's seeing the summer as a good chance to break from what was happening between us. I'm finding it really hard to get over him, its all I can think about. I feel so lonely, and all I want to do is talk to him. I need to stay strong, I don't want the guy who used to me to realise how its effected me. But it has, and I don't know how to shake this feeling...


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  • Have you broken off all contact with him? If not that would be a great start, it will take some time but eventually you'll get over it, it also depends on how strong you are, I mean the time taken to get over him will depend on how strong you are mentally.

    • Yeah, I've decided that I'm not going to have any contact with him (not that he's tried to contact me, anyway) I am trying my best to be strong, and I think I'm quite good at convincing other people that I am, and that I'm totally over it.. I guess, I just don't feel it myself.

    • That a great start. You'll do fine, I am sure.

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  • Why do you say when you made contact it was clear he wasn't interested in talking? What did you say and what did he do/say, etc that made you feel that way?

    • I texted him, just asking generally how he was doing. It took him a very long time to reply, and after a couple of messages he just stopped mid-conversation. This was a few days ago now, and he hasn't bothered to finish the conversation, or explain why he disappeared.

    • Gotcha. Here's the thing, unless you revealed to him that you had feelings for him, and wanted to be his girlfriend, and he lead you on and now has disappeared, then you can say he used you. But, that didn't happen correct? I think the first thing you need to do is not think you were used. You had fun with him, right? Is the moving thing that you both went home for the summer from college?

    • Thats a good way of looking at it, I think I've been looking at it as if I've been used but you're right, I didn't ever tell him how I felt. Yeah, thats why, and we live pretty far from each other.. I just need stop thinking of the experience as bad, but concentrate on the fact that we had a good time, it just didn't last.. Thanks for your perspective, it has really helped

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  • It's still now over yet though, but if you want to get over someone, just do whatever it takes to not think about him and that includes hanging out with your friends more often, going to the gym and trying out new activities...

    • Thanks, thats good advice! I've joined a gym, and I'll be sure to spend more time with friends. I think keeping my mind off him is the only way really.

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