The most pathetic reason for not going back to an ex?

OK guys, this is more of a rant than a question, but it's to do with how people on here respond to questions like "How do I get my ex back" or "Is it normal I have feelings for my ex?".

I see people say "He/She's your ex for a reason" and it REALLY grinds my gears.

Out of ALL the responses you could have given, you chose the shitest one.

We know there's a reason why they're our ex! Otherwise we wouldn't be broke up in the first place, dumbass! Also, if we want to try and get back with them, maybe it's because we realised what that issue was and want to fix it.

Any way... that's it, please STOP responding with "they're an ex for a reason" thanks...


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  • Well, if he was not a fit - than that is the end. If he cheated, I know he is a sneak - and that is the end,


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