I have been split up with my ex for a year, im not over him at all and the memories still torture me :( what am I supposed to do?

i have tried meeting new people and going on dates and it never works he is always in my heart and i dont feel nornal anymore, it ruins my life :(


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  • Have you been in contact with him since? Has he contacted you?

    If not you really have to force it all out and work on yourself.

    • yes, he always came back and talked to me abd took me out for meals sometimes but we never end up getting back together, i have no spoke to him in over a month because i give up now but i just can't move on when i hear about him kissing other girls it feels like my heart is getting stabbed :(

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  • He Obviously was your First Love, Blondygirl1993, and with this... These are ther hardest to forget. It's difficult to even lick your war wounds or focus on Anything or Anyone.
    If you haven't done this already, take my advice here, dear. Block him from any Media sites you may still be able to keep track of him on. It will be a First step in the Right direction, by making baby steps, in Not knowing what he is doing or even with whom.
    It's not easy, I know all about this. I broke it off with My First love as a teenager in love and it took me seven Long years, although I dated and compared all to him, and when God finally gave me closure, I realized... I didn't love him the same anymore and could Finally move on.
    I wasn't 'Normal' for a long time, but tried to live a Normal life of just pushing on. Time does heal all wounds eventually but it's You who has to also help your own self because it's You... Who really only counts now and No one is going to be able to heal your heart unless you make some effort to begin a new beguine.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Kill him. Its the only way you will not think about him.

    Jk, Don't fucking do that xD. I don't know dude, Just, Fuckin forget him, Do shit you enjoy, Eat some fuckin testosterone pills and grow some balls and just move on? :P


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  • Who broke up with who?
    Did the relationship end on bad terms?
    Did you screw him over in any way?

    • he broke up with me
      yes it ended on bad terms.. we were fighting a lot all the time and he was being horrible to ne and treating me bad and in desperation because i loved him and wanted him to somehow relise and not take me for granted i text a guy and he seen, i never cheated though, he flung me out his house and that was the day we officially broke up

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