Why did my man move on?

So my boyfriend and I were together about five months but we both loved each other. I didn't think he was "the one" but I did love him and he said he loved me. But he "falls in love" easily. Right after him and I met, he asked out a girl he "loved" but later on told me he had already started liking me. I took him away from that girl after they had been dating only a couple of weeks. He always said he had never felt anything as intense as he did with me. He said he would always love me and only me. He fell in love with me immediately but I was wary and took a little longer. A few weeks ago, him and I started to not be able to hang out as much because of his mother and he started hanging out with this girl that really likes him and his ex. He gets really jealous when I even talk to other guys.. I cut off relationships with guys I would potentially date if I wasn't with him. He got closer to this other girl and I eventually found out (he was keeping it a secret from me). I confronted him and he asked for a break. I yelled pretty mean things at him but later apologized. He told me he wanted a break for himself and not so he could get with this other girl and he'd cut off all contact with her. I told him if he did get involved we were done. I found out he talked to her on the phone two days in a row. And his ex the night before that. I broke up with him as soon as I heard that. The next day he asked the girl who likes him out. He keeps making excuses and saying he needs time to my friends (I didn't ask them to talk to him). This probably just seems like a really long rant, but it's not.. I respect everybody's feelings and decisions. I know I did nothing wrong because I was very caring and loving and attentive to his needs. What I genuinely want to know is why made the choices he made. I know he wasn't tired of me.. I don't think he's loved any of us.. I dress up and get sexy, stay fit, etc . I'm pretty sure I'm nicer and more forgiving, but also keep him in his place. I can't forgive him till I understand and I want to forgive him. Any ideas why?


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  • he just lost interest.


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