How can I forget a guy?

i felt in his love 6months ago and he also did but we had many problems so since 4months we didn t met not even talk or anyother thing but i didn t stop thinking about him and i often dream about him ! i think i still love him but i can t talk to him anymore ! i can t stop thinking about him and i donn t know if he does ! i wanna forget him but i can t ! does anyone here know how to forget a guy?


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  • By doing whatever it takes to forget him; you can hang out with your friends more often, join a gym or try out new activities. In time, you will forget about him

    • thank you ! i ll try my best

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  • It could be a sure sign that Mother Nature is telling you to Break the ice and... Talk or something.
    If you feel it would be fruitless, hopeless, then focus real hard on other things, other friends, and begin your beguine without him.
    Out of sight, out of mind eventually will heal all Wounds... You need to tell yourself that if it didn't work before, time to close the door.
    Good luck. xx


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  • How old are you? I swear to god I couldn't relate more! It's been a year since me and a certain someone left eachother alone but he still chases my dreams and I compare every guy to him :(

    • exactly that s how i feel sometimes he chases my dreams for a week or even more ! i m 16

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    • There was this guy a few weeks a go who asked me ''Would you consider a relationship with me'' and I just started crying cause I was like no cause relationships are painful

    • omg ! it s really painfull!

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