Where do you stand on the parent's rights movement? Isn't the best parent BOTH?

there is a Father's Rights Movement making it's way throughout the country, with many activists making movements through the government but small public displays against unfair child visitation rights for fathers (however, really this can apply to the much rarer non-custodial mother) as most visitation only allows for a father to see their child (ren) 4 days a month. This really make a father a visitor and not a parent. Quite often it is very difficult to obtain much more visitation beyond that. This post is asking about your views on parenting are as far as mutual visitation and having equal roles in the child (ren)'s lives. This IS NOT a discussion for "deadbeat dads" or for non-participating parents. I want to know specifically about how this should be handled and if you agree with the idea I've laid out. Thanks!!


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  • All for it! This was how my life was with my father and he was and is a great man. He never abused us, he wasn't a drug abuser, he wasn't homeless. The only reason was that he was the one who left my mother. He never left us though. Men should have the right to be with their children!

    • if I could hug you right now, I would! :) in a non-space violating that is.

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    • and at your age for being able to recognize this is amazing. you have a great head on your shoulders! be proud of it and wear it well. know you're a good person! :)

    • Thanks so much :)

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  • guess a parent was supposed 2 see his/her kids everyday.. no?

    • I'm not sure what you're asking. are you asking if they're suppose to be forced to see them? if yes, then the answer is no. no parent should be forced to be a parent.

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    • ah thank you for clearing that up. I was just confused. and I completely agree. I know I would.

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