Very confuseing point in life?

I need help and answer!!! Me and my ex was together for 3 years we live-in together and we did almost every thing together. We were best friends We also have a baby girl together. But things started going down hill after life kicked in. I messed around on her which killed me so I ran back and told her. The she returned the favor and cheated on. Things kinda started looking better then I went to 3rd shift and became a lazy ass hole who took her for granted and was very mean all the time. Well one day she packed up and left. It's been 3 months now and she's already been in another relationship and cheated on the guy with me so he left her.. I've been blowing up her phone begging her to come back I've tried every trick in the book. We still see each other when we pass the kid off and there are hugs kisses and sometimes sex shared. She's clams she doesn't know what she wants right now and won't give me any answer can someone help me on what to do to get her back


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  • Sounds messy. Look, I know you're still in love with this chick, but you have to fall back a bit and let her miss you. Yeah, maybe you had your flaws, but it sounds like she did too. So don't beat yourself too much. Regardless of what she says, she is exploring her options right now. Give her space enough to miss you, which means no sex, kisses, nothing. It'll be hard, but when she has her cake an eats it too, then there's really no rush to get off the fence and make up her mind.


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  • Oh, Christ on a stick... How in the sweet name of fuck are you people allowed to breed?


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  • that girl a hooooooeeeeeeee


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