How often do you cry or get really mad?

do you cry or get really mad ? I know I am moody but really how moody am I compared to everyone else


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  • Well, I don't cry a whole lot just every now and then. I get angry all the time but I let it out much to my neighbors despise ( Umm I kinda stay crestfallen 24/7 I don't know my face is stuck in a permanent frown if that counts. Lol

    Oh... I thought of something random just now. If they are called 'APARTments' then why are they so close together!?


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  • i cry a lot, but only when I'm on my own,

    i will never show any my feelings to anyone if I'm upset.

  • in the past three months I have cried every night.

    • Tonight I have cried like 30 times I have a reason just so tired of being down

    • I know how you feel. I know to cheer my self up I run or read a book I can really get into. then you are cringing at what's happaning in the book. or write I think being sad is the best time to write =]

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