If before marraige one can have sex with numerous partners casually or simply.. then why it is not allowed to have after marraige? what will change?

If the husband and wife have trust in each other and if sex with multiple partners is not a big deal before marraige then why is it a big deal after marraige?
Whats the logic behind it?


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  • nothing will change.


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  • What will change? well, marriage is a different phase of life and that is a relationship that is socially approved and acceptable, no other relationship other than marriage and before marriage is socially acceptable, even live in relationships are not socially acceptable in many countries, it is considered as a social taboo, I am not saying one shouldn't have pre-martial relationships but once a person gets married it is assumed and expected that you should be committed to that one person your entire lifetime, I mean that's the traditional definition of marriage, marriage means one commitment to one person only. There can be open relationship, but there is nothing like open marriage, at least I haven't heard of it. Hence if you keep having sex after marriage with numerous people, casual or whatever type of sex, it will be considerd as cheating emotionally as well as physically. That is what is my view about this.

    I hope you got my point.


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  • You bring up a good question, which is why I personally believe from a moral standpoint it ISN'T all that scrupulous to have a large degree of sexual partners before eventually getting married to someone.

    Unfortunately I'm in something of an unpopulated camp when it comes to that opinion.


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