What do you do if you can't get over your ex and still think about her

i find that's a big part of my problem and why I'm still single and not moving on very quickly . I still think about her and have sexual urges for her and I don't really want to forget about her or delete pictures I have of her . I'm not really sure what to do or how I'm suppose to move on .


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  • A) You will never forget her.

    B) You DO have to get rid of (or temporarily) things that remind you of her including pictures, gifts, "the blanket you always used together"...you get the picture.

    When me and my ex broke up a year ago I cleaned house. Literally got rid of ANYTHING that reminded me of him, but anything I felt I may want some day, I boxed up and gave to someone I trusted, someone that wouldn't give it back until I was ready for it.

    Giving that box away was totally key for me, previously, I would honestly go to work, come home for lunch, look through the box and cry, go back to work, come home, crack a bottle open the box and cry...

    You will only prolong your own pain and the healing process by keeping things around, that's a given.

    You have to think of it as an addiction, an addiction to a person. You get urges every so often, same kind of thing smokers go through when trying to quit. But as the days go by they become less and less till its completely manageable. You will never fully get rid of the urge, but you will gain the strength to say no and not want it.

    Other then that, surround yourself with friends and family who truly adore you, try something new that you probably wouldn't try when you were with you ex. It will make you feel empowered.

    Delete her out of your phone. Block and delete her from any social network i.e Facebook and such, and keep your distance, as in when going out don't go to places you and her have gone together.

    Keep your head up and be strong, it gets better, but its a day by day thing.


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  • Have you seen children at toys shop who won't leave until they get what they want, stamping their feet, crying, rolling on the ground screaming...etc.? Well, some of us still behaves that way, inside when it comes to breakups. This is the time to use your WILL POWER, and Acknowledge that the relationship is really over. Come to terms with your own feelings and make a firm decision to turn the page. Hope this helps >>>

    How to forget an ex?

    Step 1

    Talk to your friends.

    Step 2

    Get clear with your ex. If there are a lot of unresolved issues involving money, possessions, etc., clear them up.

    Step 3

    Distract yourself. Movies, sightseeing, outdoor activities, games and a good book are all possibilities.

    Step 4

    Take up a new hobby or enroll in some classes.

    Step 5

    Exercise - put your mind on something new, like training for a marathon, improving your tennis game, or working on those abs.

    Step 6

    Work hard. Work can be a great distraction, especially if you feel like you're accomplishing something.

    Step 7

    Indulge yourself. Chocolates, massages, facials, shopping sprees - whatever helps make you feel good about yourself.

    Step 8

    Date other people.

    Source:>>> link


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