Does my ex still like me? Does he want to get back together?

Okay so September of last year my close guy friend finally worked up the nerve to ask me out. We went out for less than 2 weeks and then he texted me saying "are we breaking up or what?" even though we were sitting right next to each other. i didn't really see another option besides saying sure, so we broke up. We didn't really talk much for the next two weeks and kinda ignored each other. after that we went back to how we were before we started dating except we flirted and all that stuff. He would always flirt with me and comment about my "hot ass" and would grab it. Around February he started texting one of my teammates and they eventually started dating but it only lasted about a week. That entire time he still flirted with me and kep touching my ass and hugging me all the time. we also hung out almost everyday and played football or joked around. he's actions confuse me beyond reason because we will throw insults (playfully) back and forth and he would say stuff like I'm beautiful and would call me Cherrypop (his nickname for me) or babe but at the same time would say i'm ugly. We always talk about everything from his football practices/ my cheer practices to school to our idiot friends to a bunch of random things. his friends tell me that they talk about me a lot and it isn't insulting me or anything, they also say that he randomly brings me up in conversations. He confuses me so much and i just want to know if he still likes me and wants to be together again or what? advice please?
He also said that he was in love with me and cared for me a lot. he also told me once that he's an asshole to people he cares about so... idek anymore.


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  • actually he wants 2 get back 2 u i believe... yet for sex mostly


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