I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years, because I caught her out with another guy. (more like she dump me) so I wanna take my stuff back but?

okay so she message me asking for her stuff back, and those money i owe her when we were tgt. So i say Ok since i am trying to get over it as well, den i told her i will put her stuff on her table, (i'll ask her sis to open the door for me) at the same time i would take my stuff back as well.

but she told me vehemently no. ask me to leave her stuff outside the door is fine. and she refused to let me go take my stuff back. -___- so i couldnt make head or tails out of it. why can't i take my stuff back? And since she's the one who wanted the break up, why is she posting on fb. letting go is hard, but i would survive.

(okay if u needed more information, i caught her out with a guy when she told me she's at work. so decided to confront her about it, but she refuses to tell me anything, atm i was so pissed i asked for time out. so after a long period of hiatus (about a month) i decided to storm to her house and ask for verification. Whether she wanted break or patch. after an hour of like, chasing me away and telling me she has no answer for me, she finally told me we are over. )

so can anyone tell me is she like over over, or she is hoping that i chase her back?

by the way if i am not wrong she's seeing another guy during our time-out. (and her parents totally loathe that guy). so, anyone can explain?
any girls can provide their opinion on this?


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  • ... Letting go is hard, but I would survive...
    It's Quite obvious, with the Writing on the wall and even 'Posting on fb,' that she doesn't want to let you go and isn't raring or ready. She wants her sweet cake and eat it Two and also, by Not letting you 'Take my stuff back,' she is putting This, along withYou... In her back pocket as a n ace in the hole when the others dump her or she dumps them.
    She can no longer be trusted and even if she and you were to get back together, I see nothing but a full circle problem pattern here, dear.
    You need to be your own Strong straw boss and go to her house, get in her face and demand your things back or tell her you will have an escort come to her home and help her with this.
    How would she like this all over Newsfeed, you Ask her?
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks! I guess I should have seen it coming. Maybe I just don't want to face the reality. Sigh

    • Oh, so welcome.. yes, letting go is the hardest part, on top of licking your war wounds.:)) xx

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  • Mate, let her be...
    After 5 years, if she has replaced you that easy, you'll always sleep with one eye open with her in the future...
    And definitely don't chase, that never works, keep your self respect and dignity

    • thanks dude, i have lost enough of my dignity trying barging into her house asking for a settlement, and she treat me like a invisible man, left me standing there looking like a retard whilst she's on the phone with the new guy. laughing at whatever he's saying and stuff.

      and the worse part is acting like its all my fault, and gathering sympathies votes. i was faithful all along, i never cheated on her once.

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    • bro, i wish that so, i been in 3 long term relationship so far, all past 3 years, and it all ended up the girl cheating on me, is that my problem. or theirs? ><

    • I sent you a pm

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  • Get your shit back legally, tell her to fuck off, and enjoy the rest of your life.


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