Ex broke no contact which she intiated, what does it mean?

She wished me well with my text tomorrow.

Clearly she has been thinking about me. Do you think she wants to get back? Because she broke HER no contact?
she wished me well with my TEST tomorrow*
We are going to have dinner on Sunday, let's see what happens.


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  • She's trying to get over you but slipped up and messaged you

    • I replied hours later and asked "who is this" and she said "its me of course" immediately.

      Do you think she would like to reconcile? She clearly still has my number, even though she blocked me on fb and whatsapp (immediately to start moving on).

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    • Thanks for mho, how did it work out?

    • Told her I wanted to sort things out, she didn't. No contact now and my bday tomorrow. Probably won't receive a text.

      Ah well, exes.

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  • How long has the NC been?

    • We have already planned dinner on Sunday evening. So we will see what happens... ;)

    • Awesome :) keep us posted... also, how long was the NC?

    • Unfortunately it didn't work out. She was very happy to see me with dinner, but didn't want to get 'physical' because it felt weird.

      No contact for 3 weeks now - from her side. Such a shame, because I wanted to reconcile. Ah well.

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  • Like I said in the other message you should have assumed she wanted to see you.

    But since you didn't assume it and didn't ask her to come to yours, there's nothing you can do but wait till she contacts you again.

  • Don't overthink about it

  • She's an ex, forget about her. If she was worth anything to your life, you'd still be dating.


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