Will my ex boyfriend contact me or should I reach out first (Details inside)?

We broke up 2 months ago bc I couldn't accept his difference of faith. We had dated four months. The last time we spoke, He told me he adores me and never cared for a woman as much as he does for me and he's even mentioned marriage scenarios to me prior to breakup. We even cried about it and hugged. When we figured to break up, he kept saying he doesn't believe it's over, that it doesn't feel like we're done. I'm in my late twenties, he's only a few years older and an amazing guy to me. He's never contacted me again and neither have I since then. It's been 100% no contact for 2 months... Thing is... even though the reason we broke up was about me not accepting his faith... I've since changed my mind about what faiths I can accept and I feel like we can get back together and figure out what to do about my family later if we decided to get married one day... But it's been 2 full months of no contact. I know he was crushed about breaking up at the time bc I could tell that he was falling in love with me, and possibly was in love. I think maybe he's really respecting the breakup decision about faith, and thinking "she said goodbye, she couldn't accept me as I am, it's over, I have no chance with her." I'm guessing, I don't know, I'm not sure what it is, but i don't know how to go about getting back together with him. Should I wait for him to contact me while I see other people (which I already am, and even another ex boyfriend who I haven't talked to for 3 months is reconnecting with me after I blocked him! bc he was the one that wronged me.) But this new ex I'm asking about did nothing wrong to cause the breakup. Should I give this wonderful ex another month (making it 3 months of no contact).. Or should I be the one to reach out to him ASAP?--- if so, what should I say? How should I do it?
I really feel like I didn't give him and what we had a good chance and that i gave up too soon.

I Would appreciate help from guys and girls with this! Please help! Thank you.
I called him! We talked like normal.. catching up like friends at first. Then he at some point said he missed me! I let him know that I missed him too and that I'd love to talk about some things and give what we had another chance. He completely agreed and will be in contact with me until we hangout again to discuss everything in person :)


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  • As wise as I am, and know plenty about Break ups And Make Ups as well here, dear, ASAP as soon as you can with this man.
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye forever, my love. It's Obvious you still have Marked an X in your own softie spot for your "EX" so the sooner you get back into touch with him, the sooner you can be.. Touching again.
    No, it;s Never too late. I am quite sure he is Missing the Kissing and that you are Very much on his mind. And with your change of heart about 'Faith,' this will be Now the Seal of Approval to Seal it with a kiss.
    I married a man out in Egypt and being a Christian I had no problem with marrying a Muslim at the Ministry of Justice. I believe we all, no matter what, should accept everyone's faith and they, in turn... Should accept yours.
    Explain to him, face to face, that you want a second chance at this romance because you realize how silly and wrong you were about Faith.. Instead of Forever.
    Good luck, you have my full blessings. xx

    • Thanks so much, Paris! It really means a lot to me that you answered and shared your story. I believe well be together and I'll post updates as I go through this.

      Will you please share more on how to get to be in touch with him again? Should I show up, call him or text him first? because I can't meet him ASAP, personal reasons, I'll have to meet him 7 days from now, if anything, that's the soonest I can do.

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    • Paris, you don't know how much your words helped me! I felt more confident about it all working out & more trusting of my feelings after your responses :)

      He wanted to talk about the major things & my change of heart only when we meet in person. (Like you said, it's best that way and I agree!) So we texted until that day.

      And I have great news!
      We did finally meet 2 weeks ago. He wanted to hear all about it. And I told him everything. No begging, I just told him I think I was wrong because I wasn't fair about those things & I wanted to know what he thought about this. So he asked me loads of questions, I answered everything honestly & vice versa. We agreed that a relationship can work between us in the longterm since we discussed Everything. It was actually very romantic, the whole thing. he couldn't wait to kiss me after <3 we were so happy.

      We'll be hanging out again soon. Taking it slow :) nothing official yet But it feels so Right :)
      I'll keep you posted about our status :-) xxoo

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and the amazing boost today, sweetie.. I shed a tear that things are slowly coming together for you because I know, with Love that is so strong, it finds a way if it is meant to be. Go slow and let things happen and together, You both as team members and Partners can make all of your dreams come true. Yes, please, let me know, I am anxious to hear and again, thank you so much.. My blessings to you both.:)) xxoo

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  • If you initiated it, you should be the one to reach out.
    Good luck, I believe your intentions are genuine and your not playing games

    • Thanks, I'm definitely genuine. What's the best way to reach out?

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    • I called! Look at my update :)

      Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Awesome news 👍👍👍

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  • Just go with your gut and reach out to him. We're all so worried about dating rules and how to act. Just do what feels right! You don't wanna wait and wonder any longer...

    • Thanks hon. That was a while ago and I did reach out to him and call that time. Like you said, I didn't want to wait and wonder any longer. He was glad I called him... so was I of course :) Been dating now for months. Today, I needed to read this though, just as a reminder, so thank you.

  • Since you were the one who initiated the break up, I'd say that you should reach out to him. whether its a text or a message on social media. Ease into it, ask how he's been and whatever. When things feel comfortable, maybe suggest hanging out so you can talk face to face. If things even get that far, then explain yourself. I really do believe that true love always prevails. So if you are meant to be, he will be willing to move past all of this with you.

    • Thank you so much, that was very helpful and encouraging. He's really a great guy, what we had was so loving and easy. I just hope I didn't traumatize him with us breaking up.. and that two months isn't too long for a smooth reconnecting with him. I have a feeling it may be easier than I think :) I pray it is!

      Maybe I should just call him? Or texting is better since we do that more. I really don't know what to start with or what to say to him lol

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    • The conversation went very similar to how you described actually!

    • Just read it, and that's so awesome! I'm glad everything went ok :)

  • I think you should just go for it! if there was nothing wrong with the relationship before apart from faith and you said you have now changed a few thoughts then it is worth a shot!.
    If you wait another month it might be too late. You may have to be prepared for him to say that over the last 2 months things have changed and he doesn't feel the same.

    Hope it all works out!

    • Thanks for the kind wish and your opinion! I don't think I'll wait another month, if anything, just a few more days.. not sure what to say or how to say it yet :)

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    • Thanks that helps. I called him! (see update) and we will probably meet sometime soon and keep texting :)

    • That is fantastic news :) hope all goes well!

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