How bad it can be?

I put all my heart to a new guy in order to forget about my ex, I then made my ex came back. Now I'm using all my strength trying to forget about that new guy. I lost him before I knew how much I could love, or I already loved him. I feel so broken, I don't know what can I do now.
I want m new boy back so badly.. I found out that I so much love him


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  • so now u r wid yer X again? if that's so, then better u should forget bout this new guy, and this time don't lose yer X again

    • but I already found out that I'm already loving that new guy. I'm missing him so much, but I don't think he likes me anymore. I feel sad everyday

    • still it'd b better 2 forget him,... no other option i guess :|

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  • The newbie at first here, dear, was just your Rebound Robert To... Forget about my ex.
    However, your plan worked, backfired in a way, where Now that you have the "EX" back in your life, the newbie ended Up... Marking his own X in your softie spot.
    Yes, you are in a bit of a pickle where I would say and are a bit fickled, to say the least.
    As wise as I am, the Other soul mate, who at First was this challenge to you, a chase, was the apple up at the top of the tree hardest to grab and now that you have him back in your hand basket, safe and secure... You are Not sure.
    Thinking about the newbie wll not go away Johnny Appleseed on the spot, I can tell you. The more you are with the so-called 'Soul mate,' the more that you will want to be with the Other, who really could have Been... A true love.
    Give your mate at hand now a chance and see if you both can work things out to at least get things back to the "Way we were." If you see it is not working on your own end, then tell him you feel it might be best to just start off as friends and with the Other hand, who could have been the ideal card... Tell him too you would like to start off as friends as well.
    In other words, don't Commit yourself to Anyone. It's going to only go down a badly beaten path, end up a War of the Roses and you will just end up in the end With... No one.
    Good luck. xx

    • The "newbie" already kind of left me. He didn't say anything though, just didn't contact me for a month already. I already warned him that we are done if he wouldn't contact me after he come back abroad from work. He is too smart, he doesn't give any judgement about what I did but he knows everything already. I think he knows that I'm not a good girl to date with, so I think he already moved on

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    • and the newbie it is the guy whom I want him back so badly

    • Oh, so welcome, glad to oblige... I know as much as you are looking for love but I believe there is someone out there who you have better chemistry with.
      As far as the newbie, you could give him a second chance if maybe you talk it out. However, if you have the EX back, that matter already has to be squared away.
      They both may be the best yet different but I can tell you, many fish in the sea. xxoo

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  • I really don't understand you first mentioned you made your ex come back to you? so are you not happy with him? if not then why did you make him come back? during the time you were apart were you much more happier than when you were with you ex? I think your question makes that clear, so then break up once again once and for all and go for the new guy again, talk to that new guy again. Otherwise what you can do is take a break from both and figure out for yourself what you want , clearly.

  • Stop using other people, it can be pretty bad to feel used as an emotional crutch and left for someone else

    • I really tried to love him, just I didn't notice that I drank too much and talked about my past so much which drove him away. He used to like me a lot

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    • pff, good point, at least you made me laugh

    • I wasn't joking but alright 😄😗

  • Hope someone doesn't get hurt cause just when your about to
    get rid of the new guy the old guy will walk out of your life again.

  • Don't be dumb and attempt to love two men at once. I wouldn't come back if I was the new guy. You played him like a fiddle.


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  • just hope it all works out for the best


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