We already broke up for 6 mos but what is he trying to do now?

I dont love him anymore so i decided to break up. I know he still loves me and i just told him im casually dating other guys now. We still kept contact as friends.

He didn't tell me his feelings but im quite sure he got jealous about my casual dates. Now, he told me that he is talking to another girl and wants him to be her boyfriend. Im honestly happy for him but before he told me this he was telling that he still wants me.

Also, he kept saying that the girl he is talking to now is very very pretty. Very cute. Im quite surprised bec he is not the type who tell these things or is it because i made him do it bec of my casual dates? I dont know if he is telling the truth also. Guys, do you do this to your ex? I think he is making me jealous.


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  • He is trying to make you want him again, ie he wants you to be jealous. Honestly if it does make you jealous even a little, then either you still love him, or you are kinda selfish. Either way that's what he is trying to do

    • You are right. He told me he lied because he was jealous about the guys im casually dating. He even told that he still wants me.

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  • yea... he is trying to make you feel jealous... just ignore him

  • he is obviously trying to make you jealous. just ignore him. he would be fine. lol

  • Its okay to feel this way. but if you are over this guy.. let him go and move on. I think he's trying to get you jealous and I do believe he does have another girl. And I also believe he's doing this to get you pissed off and its a trick to get you back.. almost seems like its working.

    • Thats what i was thinking too. I asked him how did he meet the girl and he is not answering it. Yes, concerned a little bit but not enough for me to get back with him again. Im currently in the midst of battle with my feelings to one of my casual dates lol

    • well good. I honestly feel like you should just leave him alone. if he's not willing to share then there's no point in trying to do anything really lol

    • I knew it. He's messing with me. I asked him to show me the girl's pic as proof and he sent me monkey pictures lmao and just told that im still in his heart. I better leave him be.

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