I lied. to him about my past before so when I come out and tell him the truth, he believe it's more to it?

We jusy broke up last night because i use to lie about my past because i thought if i told him then he would leave and he's everything i have asked Gpd. for in a man. We have had our share of lies. before and i have stopped. i have told him about ny past and he doesn't believe thats all. He says i have ruinedbmy image he had of me and he can't think positive about me not luing to him or not keeping anything else. ahe told me he just wanted to know so he could appreciate the change in person.. We have been together for two years and have known eachother for five. He says i have ruined his mind and he can't seem to mentally see me differently other than a liar and that im still hiding things. How do i get him to see im noy lying.. his family is having a cook out today shoukd i pop up? We got engaged 5 days ago and everything was called off yesterday... :( i didn't lie about anything but he keeps saying je starts to feel something and can't get his mind together and doesn't know how. guys or girls have you experienced something like this... please help? a lot of typose because of my phone so bare with me..


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  • So he doesn't believe you after you admitted to lying to him and he is suspicious of you in a time of great emotional turmoil?



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  • Let sleeping dogs lie as the old saying goes. The past was Your business Only, No One else's and now... You are finding yourself in the dog house with barking up the tree With... I have told him about my past...
    Now that the cat is out of the bag and it just continues to escalate to the point where there doesn't look as though you are walking down the aisle if this can't get patched up, this is showing me, and it should be showing you, that if he can't take the truth, that people make mistakes and you are Not Ms. Perfect that even You make mistakes, then maybe he doesn't love you Unconditionally nor is Mr. Right for you. It sounds like maybe his Expectations may just be a tad too high and his family's as well.
    He needs to cool down and you both need to get on the same page if there is meant to be a life and a future together. I am not so sure this family barbecue would be the time or place for you to show your "Please forgive me" face, so it might be best to call him or text him First, rather than show up, maybe an unwanted guest and not on the menu, or it could get more... Heated.
    Good luck. xx


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  • This is why judgment of girls over their sexual past is wrong.


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  • tell him the truth.

    • I have told him the truth but he believes otherwise.

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