What do you normally think about while getting over someone?


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  • I don't have to distract myself. I don't find it hard these days to get over people.


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  • what can i do next to keep myself busy. whenever i break up with someone i always make a point to do something new just to get out there and experience life rather than sitting around wallowing

    • Well what if you were doing that but you can't see yourself with anybody but them still?

    • I have been through two extremely hard break ups the 1st was my first boyfriend ever and my son's dad. The 2nd was my divorce. Each breakup took time. But by getting out and being social and doing new things I met so many people that were such a better fit in my life and helped me realize that even though I thought I would be with them for forever life still goes on and there are greater things that I still have yet to see

    • Okay thank you

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  • When I first broke up with my last boyfriend, I used to wonder if I'd bump into him or his family while out & about. Still scares me to this day lol

  • if you think then you get sad, just try and get as busy as possible. with that you not thinking that much.

    • I was just asking. I'm not trying to get over anyone at the moment

    • my bad, just get busy, so you not constantly think of the person

    • Okay thank you I will keep that in mind for future purposes.

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