What are some signs or things your ex will do when he wants to get back together without him telling you?

Guy's help!!!


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  • Well, in the past I have wanted to get back with only one ex. I tried to let her know and feel her out as to her thoughts on the idea by being a better friend than before and letting her know I was genuinely interested in her thoughts. Those were the things she complained of before we split. Hope that helps you in determining

    • It doesn't I have tried to fix whatever he complained about. How About Him Using One Of HIS Friends To Keep An Eye On YOU And Ask You Questions Probably For HIS Benifit?

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    • I think asking him might push him further away. Je seems to have commitment issues and is trying to work through them. You only jave 2 choices, wait or move on. But he is in control here. You pushed too hard. If je is honestly a good giu, he will come around eventually. Devils advocate, he may habe foumd someone else and is stringing you along just in case things don't work out. Either way you still only have the 2 choices

    • He hasn't found anyone else but you think it will push hI'm away further. Why?

      Even though I told his friend I have a wedding to go to and now he wants to hang out with me when I asked him to.

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