Why is my ex being so hurtful after a break up?

My ex and I recently broke up due to numerous arguments. He broke up with me over text. It's been three weeks since then. We've been ignoring one another until yesterday. He keeps thinking that my posts on social media are about him , but they are not. He recently posted his girlfriends name on social media and every time I walk by his friends scream her name. In addition , through text message he said I'm not important to him and that he has a new girl friend. The funny thing is I started talking to some other guy to help me get over him , but I didn't want to go public yet because I thought it was too soon , but I decided to go public the same day he posted his girlfriends name on social media. He also pointed that out. Why does he keep hurting me by saying these things?


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  • "He recently posted his girlfriends name on social media and every time I walk by his friends scream her name."<---- i'm afraid he told his friends 2 do this on purpose


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  • For whatever reason, you are still the center of his mind, even though he has a new girlfriend and he was the one to end the relationship. Stop thinking with your heart for a moment: what logical, rational, mature individual feels the need to continually focus on AN EX whom they decided to make their past? Someone who is most likely hurt, very passionate about that person, and is not over the situation. Otherwise, he wouldn't be thinking about you and talking about you, let alone making a constant effort to remind you that he exists with a new girlfriend. He's being a childish, immature little boy who can't handle himself like someone who was raised with decency, respect, and integrity. The best move for you to make is STOP GIVING HIM A PLATFORM TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS. Stop giving him the opportunity to basically be a BULLY and add an element of degradation to the fact that you have already been dumped.

    Delete and block him from everywhere. He left you and gave up on you so pick up your pride and follow his lead by further kicking him out of your life completely. When you see him in public, completely ignore him. Maybe even make sure you walk around with a guy who's hotter than him and has what he lacked, smiling and laughing gleefully while your ex-boyfriend is trying to show off his rebound lol


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  • He's being childish af seriously. He knows you still care about him, and his narcissistic ego deems it necessary to hurt you. I've known some guys who do that, hurt their exes a lot because they don't get to have them anymore even tho they're the ones who initiated the break up.
    You should ignore him and not give a damn about him anymore. It's not worth it.


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