My boyfriend left me for 2 years, and wanted me back, and broke my heart again , what can I do?

he left me although i begged him not to, he left me because he thought he was young (20) back then and wanted to sleep around, then he wanted me back , said he loves me and could never forget me , i said i am too scared and that my feelings have changed, and i am afraid he will hurt me again , in the end i gave up and met him, the first time i see him after 2 years of him hurting and ignoring me i still felt so hurt and told him that i changed, he got so sad, so i told him i love you , i didn't love anybody but you , the next day i asked him out he said he shocked from what i said and that he is not availabe, i felt more guilty so i texted him i love you i am just afriad you will leave me again, he didn't reply and then the next day i discovered he went out with his ex girlfriend just because i said i changed and need to think, it broke my heart again, now my heart is burning :'(


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  • if he went back 2 his X, then i believe it'd b better 2 forget bout him then... sorry


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  • Just move on. he sounds like he was using you because he was lonely.
    Find someone who will appreciate you and treat you like you deserve to be treated.


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