Is my ex comfortable with me?

He broke up with me but continues to call me and last week when we were talking on the phone he was telling me how he missed a family member of his that moved away and he was crying a lot and I tried comforting him and telling him it will be okay.

He has never cried like that when we were together, but now he is being very open and he is not that type of guy he is usually saying he doesn't care and never cries.


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  • It sounds like he is using you as, excuse the phrase, an "emotional tampon".

    There is give and take in a relationship and, by breaking it off with you, but continuing to call you (And emotionally vomit on you), he is taking from you without the obligation of giving anything in return. Because you are broken up, he can cut ties at any point and walk away because you all aren't technically together.

    It's a crappy thing I've seen guys use and equates to them putting you into the "friend zone" while they go search for someone else to screw.

    • What should I do?

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    • You're right I do need to walk away it's just so hard but I also can't live like this. I need to move on and talking to him is not helping me. Every time I talk to him I feel sad after and then I start to question everything he says. Thanks for he help ☺️

    • You're welcome. Remember. There are a lot of men out there. And the ones worth the time are the ones that are willing to give as much to you as they are willing to take. That's how truly deep and lasting connections form.

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