Boyfriend of two years didn't speak to me for a week then just said he needs fresh start for uni and ignores me again now?

So me and my boyfriend Kyle have been dating for two years, we where very close, like best friends but whenever his mates came round to where we live he treats me horribly? Now before all the men start going "well he needs time to his friends" we both as a couple encouraged each other to spend time with friends. But he is very cruel to me when they are around, once he kicked me at the Spurs of his 'mate' it's always the same. We will make plans and he just won't turn up! He will just stand me up, this week he did it three times! So I said I was done and he just ignored me, said not one word. When I saw him later on he said he "would just get worse with him starting uni" wtf is that? Then he said he needed a fresh start but I just think, if you love someone why the hell would you need a fresh start from them? Is the actual case that he doesn't like me anymore and is looking for excuses? Is him ignoring me during our breakup wrong? This uni is only 20 minutes away so it's not like a massive distance.


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