Guys, Guys: how do you feel when u break up with someone?

So guys my husband left me because he finally tried other meat (adultery), yes it hurts but I am glad he told me the truth. Now, i dont want to speak to him but i do wonder when you guys break up a 8 year marriage over sex do you guys ever regret it? have yoy guys gone through this?
We have a son togheter


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  • It's never happened to me cause I've never been in an 8 years long relationship. The longest I had was 3 years and when I broke up with her I was so happy it was over, just a huge sense of relief and a feeling of very deep satisfaction that I had closed that chapter of my life.

    I didn't cheat on her though. I don't do that. It just wasn't love anymore and I was sick of her.

    • Yeah I feel like that too. It just sucks because I feel like I cared a lot more and it hurts more.

    • Well, there's only so many tears you can cry

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  • I've never gone through a marriage split but I have gone through plenty dating splits and I feel relieved and free during those, so I can only imagine how ecstatic I'd feel after a divorce, especially over sex.

    Sorry to say, but I'd probably be too busy hitting on other women to give a shit about my failed marriage or how my ex wife is doing. Apparently I'm an 'asshole' to most people for not lying like they do though, so take that how you will.

    • Also: Age 18 - 24.. what the fuck? Were you guys married at 16? No wonder old dude cheated on you.

    • Actually I appreciate the honesty

    • No we married at 22

  • I have always been single, so can't say anything on this.


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