How do I move on from my ex?

I would like to know how I stop this pinning I have for my ex. I have spent 14 years with him. Even though our relationship these past few years haven't been great. I still love and his him. I really thought we would spend the reast of our lives together. He is the first person I think of in the morning and the last at night. When I have news I want to share it with him. I feel so lost and uneasy.

How do I stop this?


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  • please check out

    This website is probably the best breakup guide you can find. I've used it as well and it gives good resources all for free. So it's worth a shot.

    Other than that you need to distance yourself from him as much as possible which means no contact and no reminders of him. Deleting his number and any social media reminders would be a good start. Then you'll need to really start a journey of self healing and taking care of yourself. Set goals, start working out more and do things you wouldn't have normally done when you were with him. Best advice I've received was you need to get your ex off their pedestal by putting YOURSELF on a pedestal and that's what the moving on part is all about... you need to enter a new phase of self love and self appreciation where it's all about you. You are amazing, beautiful and a great catch... if he can't see it then screw him. This should be your daily motto.

    • Sorry I didn't mean to press the down arrow was trying to reply. Thank you its hard with having children together. Im up and down and just want to be happy now it's so painful

    • I see ! Well that makes things more difficult. I'm sure there will be articles on that link for people with children so it's worth a try just browsing on there :)

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