A guys point of view on ex girlfriends?

Hey So I've been talking to this guy for a while now err around 3 months now and our conversations and effortless and he's a nice guy in general BUT he recently just got out of a 3 year relationship, he was cheated on. I have been cheated on as well so I know what it feels like but the point being the few times he has mentioned his ex girlfriend, I feel like I don't exactly know what to say (if it makes sense) like I feel it's different talking about ex's to girls rather than a guy. He's still going through the breakup phases (sadness, anger, feeling like shit) and I completely understand. I just want a guy's point of view on ex girlfriends so I can understand him more and help him cope. We have had really deep conversations and he has mentioned that he misses the memories but not her and how he is scared to trust anyone again yet he trusts me by telling me everything? I just want to help him I just need a guys point of view on this -thank you
? Thank you...
I suppose this is what I get since I asked for opinions


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  • In my opinion it is very likely that he still has feelings for her. He dated her for three years and then she left him for another guy. That is a big blow to a guys ego. Not only is he not willing to trust girls yet, but he probably doesn't feel like a desirable person rn. Keep in mind there is always something going on that people won't tell you. We are all holding something back. Some have more than others but we all have something we are keeping to ourselves. For him that may be that he still loves his ex, thats what it is for me. But i think the best course of action for you is to be patient and move at a moderate pase. If you "force" a new, or intimate relationship with him it will very likely backfire on you. Good Luck, I'm praying for you ☺️

    • I mean of course, 3 years and all of a sudden it's over, I completely understand as I went through that last year as well. I'm definitely in no rush but I get what you mean with being patient :] thank you.

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  • Ok seriously your timing is bad if you keep going at this pace you'll be friendzoned

    "Why would i wanna date you you helped me through my breakup your like a sister to me"

    That leads too

    "Hey what do you think of (insert random skank here) dont you think she's hot?"

    • How is my timing bad? I don't want to rush into anything.
      I guess what you say makes sense in a way but thanks for the input anyways.

  • he doesn't trust you as a girlfriend though. cause he believes you'll cheat. you all cheat.


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