How could he just forget about me like I was nothing?

At first he put up for a fight for our relationship and then it's like he didn't care anymore. The same month of our anniversary he was already in a new relationship and he even reached out to me but I told him to back off. I probably would have talked to him but since he had pictures of him and his new girlfriend plastered all over his Facebook and had the audacity to message me pissed me off. He also sent a friend request and then cancelled it. The last time we talked he was supposed to move with me and him and his girlfriend weren't together but I told him no and since then I haven't heard from him. Guess he couldn't careless about me and I've done a lot for him smh .


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  • It sounds like, at some point in your relationship, prior to the divorce, he began drifting away and emotionally disconnecting from you. From what it sounds like, I'd wager he was the one who initiated the break-up, which means he had time to emotionally prepare himself to walk away. The problem is that, if there is no communication, or active effort to save the relationship, means you're blind-sided and left to deal on your own emotionally. It's a tough road to walk alone, so don't. Talk with your friends, or a therapist, and have them help you process your feelings and emotions. Talking can be the biggest help, as it gives you the outlet you need to release everything you have bottled up over the incident.


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