Why do guys go quiet?

Ok so we broke up we have both tried to talk to each other but timing with each of us haven't been at the right time. In our relationship he used to ignore me like when he went said he would be afew hours so afew hours after when he said he would be home I would text saying are you ok? I would get ignored which would make me worry so I would ring and get ignored. Worry turns into anger anger truns into emotion.
Anyway I would never ignore him never ever I respect him to much to let him worry about me.
Anyway I have tried to text him general chat and he has ignored me.

Is he still angry with me? Is this is for us he really wants us over?
He has tried with me but iv been to mad and upset and said im deleting your number now so I don't contact you. He would then find a reason to text. Regarding the kids. When we have already had that in place. Its like we are never ready to talk at the same time. I guess I just have to get over it


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  • I don't think he wants to try to fix anything right now. I think he needs space and time to cool off. Right now, texting and calling would be the same as pestering which he will find annoying and smothering. So that is not constructive to helping the situation. Give him a few days to a week, then text him you are sorry for what happen and you want to work things out if he is interested and that you would like to talk to him. This puts the ball in his court. Then you just need to wait. If another week or so goes by with no contact from him, then it is over and you need to move on, sorry.

    • Ok thank for advice. I think iv done all I can to not push him to far away. He was my best friend but I know I have to work on myself now.

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  • I really hate how technology has interjected itself into our dating lives... I for one don't really text that much at all. I would also want the freedom to go out for a while and not have worry about worrying you, that is silly. If I did not come back that night then worry about me. that being said, I don't mind a call as much and would answer, I would just be annoyed that you have to worry about me so much.

    Also, once I go through a break up, I burn that bridge, so I doubt you will ever really hear from him after you have broken up... guys don't like to remain friends after breaking up as much as women do

    • Going to pub all the time is a problem in our relationship. When he has lied saying he isn't going out then he's out after dropping our conversation and not replying.

      Im all for him enjoying that time. Just don't lie.
      We have children and in a family I believe that family should come first not getting pissed and lying to your partner.
      He worrys about me when I go out and I like that it shows he in some sense cares I reply then I see him when im home. But this guy sometimes doesn't come home either

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    • Maybe I should of mentioned that

    • Yes I think so, totally different line of responsibilities and such haha

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