For the love of ducks, why is it when I'm trying to forget my ex that thousands of things flashes through my mind?

This is getting annoying...


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  • We have all been there - Time is a great healer

    • So, what does that do to the question^^

    • In time the memories won't be so intense or occur as regularly as they do now.

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  • That's just the way it goes. Let your heart be fond of those memories. Remember his smile, his laughter, his spirit and let the tears flow. It's good for cleansing the soul

    • So, you're saying it's cleaning my soul?

    • Yes it is and the fact that you're expressing you saddness this will also help cleanse...

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  • Its normal. I've been trying to forget this guy but fate is not cooperating. His name is Thomas, before i met him, its so rare for me to encounter the name Thomas. When i started to forget him, every effin single day, the name Thomas pops out of nowhere. It was funny though haha Just go with the flow and embrace your emotions. You'll do good in no time.


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