What does it mean when someone says "I didn't want to break up like this"?

Does that mean they wanted to break up just not like the way it happened?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, they didn't want the break up, to happen like it did
    they most likely wish they could of remain friends but
    i find being friends with your ex is another thing just
    to put more stress in your life i rather let go of ex
    relationships and let bygones be bygones and go
    on with life..


Most Helpful Girl

  • it means they thought they could break up and still be friends. Men can be awful to you and thing they can get out of their guilt over their failings and transgressions by still being "friends".
    Forget a man who you are don't with.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Just trying to justify the break up in their own mind. Make it easier for them to move on. A break up is a break up and is never easy. One or other party (or both) gets hurt.
    So how the F**K did they want to break up? Who initiated the break up?

  • Stop talking to that jerk, seriously

    Even if he didn't want it to happen like that, it did, and now he must face the consequences of his actions!


What Girls Said 1

  • It means he's been thinking about it for a while now and couldn't take it anymore. If he could do it again, he would have broken up with you sooner


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