Do I need to break up with my girlfriend?

Background: Ok so I've been with my girlfriend long enough to grow some pretty strong feelings for her. A couple of weeks ago everything seemed fine, then on a night out her ex texted her saying that I was cheating and she didn't believe him, but he proceeded to say horrible things to her about me and that he loves her and stuff, and rang her, they spoke for 15 mins.

The issue: I recently found out from her sister and her that she still has feelings for her ex (he has a new girlfriend but still wants her), and she isn't sure whether she wants to be with him (how she put it) but wants to get over him, and be with me. She never has to have contact with him again, but said she wouldn't know what to do if he asked her to get back together, who she would pick between us. And she said "what is the point of leaving you who I have strong feelings for, for someone who I can't act on them feelings with". What happens if she could act on them?

The question: is it worth my time if she is hung up over her ex? Is it worth me getting hurt if she does decide it's not worth it? From your perspective are these feelings more than a little feeling like she makes it out to be?

My friends have mixed opinions and the lads think I should break up, girls say give her a chance.


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  • I say give her some space and time to really sort those feelings out. It's either you or the ex. She should choose before you really start investing emotions and go deeper in the relationship only to get kicked out as his ex prances in.

    Obviously, her ex is the kind of guy I wanna punch in the face so bad his own mother won't recognize him. I mean, cmon.. He has a new girl but still wants her back and is sabotaging your relationship to get what he wants. Shouldn't that be enough reason for your girl to completely get over him?


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  • I agree with CaliforniaMaki - ask her to take some time & space to figure out who it is she really wants to be with. Otherwise, there's always going to be a small part of you wondering if she'd rather be with him while she's with you, and that's not good for anybody in the long term. Also, ask yourself if you're comfortable for her to have contact with an ex who wants her back, and ask her to think about why she wants to keep this contact alive - is it really over for her? Does she talk to him because it makes her feel good to be wanted?

    Hope it all works out for the best for you guys!


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  • Break up with her. My biggest reason for that is you're a rebound... That's what you are.. She still loves him as much as you. He's an "ex" for a reason, he messed up bad enough that she left him yet she likes him as much as you... You need someone who will always put you first.


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