Girls, Should I give up with her/ is there someone else?

Hi, my ex girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me a week ago, a whole lot has happened the past few months and stuff got really complicated. Basically we live in different countries but visit each other regularly, we were engaged until she broke up with me back in April and that was really my fault, I got jealous and needed reassurances all the time and made a lot of accusations. (She did confess to lying about a lot in the earlier stages of our relationship). Anyway, things got rough after that and I started therapy to get rid of my "demons" and I heard nothing from her for 2 weeks. She contacted me one day as she was upset about something and we decided to try again. I paid for her to fly to Dublin (from the states) and I met her there from UK. The week was amazin apart from a huge fight over a text she got from a guy she apparently had no contact with. She left happy and we spent all our time on the phone together, then she dumped me again because my friends were accusing her of treating me bad etc. again I heard nothin until she sent my sis a message sayin she was pregnant and its mine. We started talkin again n things were goin really well, she kept tellin me how much she loves me and wants me etc. all was good until last week. We lost the baby and she started acting strange (understandably). She called me the night of the miscarriage and said she'd call me tomorrow, well I never heard from her again & instead she deleted everythin tht involved me and is on Facebook 24/7 (my friend is her friend on there). Our mutual friend thinks she is seein someone new but there's not much to suggest she is other than she suddenly disappeared from fb for 48 hrs recently (although she did spend a day on a boat with a new "friend". the reason she stopped talking to me was because I wouldn't tell her who I was going to London with when the reason I was going was to plan a surprise for her (London is her favourite place). Any idea what could be goin on? 10 days without contact now.
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Well she sent me a few unimportant messages the other day and I ignored them, she then left a voicemail via unknown number as I had hers blocked. Then she called and I answered and we spoke for 3 hrs about what went wrong etc. she cried the entire time and said she loves me so much but can't be with me right now and can we be friends for a while and see if we can fix us later. I said no, it has to be all or nothing at all. I also know she kissed someone else recently but felt horrible after.


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  • You gotta fight for that love. Of not she will slip away. And are you sure you lost the baby? Maybe she is "seeing" someone new. But if in fact you're certain about losing the baby, then perhaps, she needs some time to decompress. Maybe she deleted everything because she's hurting if that's the case. She might be trying to forget...

    • Honestly I have no idea if she really lost the baby, it happened less than 24hrs after her being mad at me and stopping talking to me. She lied about some messed up stuff in the first 18 months of us being together but confessed "everything" while she was here at Christmas, I have to believe she wouldn't lie about losing the baby though

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    • She would only be around 10 weeks pregnant now if she didn't lose it, this has all happened in the past week or so.

    • I knew that the pregnancy was recent. I really don't feel she did lose that baby. But that is my opinion, however, considering you may believe that she is in fact still pregnant, you need to do your research when the time comes...

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  • I would try to fight, but honestly. I would send her an email or letter with all your questions and dillemas. In the end I would let her know that now is her time to decide whether she wants to fight for the relationship or not. If she does not reply within 2 weeks you will take it as she had moved on (and so will you).

  • I'm sorry honey but it sounds like she's playing games

  • There's nothing true, all fantasy about this gal = no wonder you find her Camelot version of life so attractive... and confusing... even your friends see through her veil of lies.
    Sorry to say, you are only attractive to her when
    a) you believe whole heatedly in her fantasy life of lies
    b) she needs a life preserver to save her life that lies ahead

    She wasn't pregnant, just in a jam
    IF pregnant it was NOT yours
    IF miscarriage, she was really changing tracks onto a new guy opportunity away from you
    hopefully you shelled out no more cash than a round trip ticket, you sap

    There's plenty of gals that WILL treat you right & with love, no matter what you think your mirror says. Spend ALL your energies shopping in this direction and NEVER another second on Ms. Camelot


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