Why does my ex husband want me back after we divorced two months ago?

I've supported him for three years. He never held a job for more than six months, got arrested for marijuana possession while at the armory for drill, lost his job before Christmas, and physically abused me some months before. We tried to get past all of that and work on the marriage so I got him a job in truck driving. I mean I did everything but drive the truck for him. I just needed to get some time to find myself and this seemed like the only job he couldn't mess up. Then as soon as he got the cdl and realized he could take care of himself he basically called and ended the marriage. Three days later he started posting pictures of his new girlfriend. Mind you we haven't even had the chance to start the divorce proceedings. So he must have been cheating some time before he cut us off. Then karma was a bitch and he flipped his truck and his girlfriend dumped him. And now he can't get any other trucking job, the national guard is garnishing his wages, he lost his family, I broke the lease on the apartment because he was not going to help me and he was living on his truck so he doesn't have a place to stay, and he doesn't have anyone who cares. Then he called my dad today telling him his problems and trying to win him over and then inboxed me this longgggg message about wanting his old life back. How he is the only one who will love me forever, and even used my old pet name. But its strange cause the girl I believed he tried to divorced me for left him as soon as he lost his job and unfriended him on Facebook. He is in really bad shape. I have no intentions of contacting him or getting back together but I'm just feeling guilty somehow. Maybe it's just my anxiety but any advice would help. Thanks! Sorry it's sooo long I'm just venting


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  • What's happening to him now is called karma. You're not responsible for it, so don't feel guilty. I can't believe he physically abused you and then had the nerve to contact your dad. Wave bye-bye to him. He made the mess he is in; let him clean it up. That's the only way he will learn. Sorry to hear that he didn't grow up in time to build a decent life with you! But that's his loss, not yours. You will find someone who is willing to work as hard as you do, believe me.


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  • He wants you back so you'll take care and support his loser ass

  • A terrible marriage, it is too bad


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