Should I tell ex boyfriend how I feel still?

he's not my boyfreind anymore, and has a new girlfreind, but he has been cheating on her since they started dating with me. Yes i know this is completly wrong to do. I think he's dating her just to either have someone or like a rebound since they started dating not long after us. We have a lot of history and I do still love him. Last time i was over i saw he had her picture on his screensaver and all this other stuff. Could he really love her if he's doing this. Is it ok to tell him how i feel about him still, although i dont think anything will change I just want him to know.


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  • How do you know he is cheating on her? you are so sure about it. Anyways I don't think he loves her, because if he did he wouldn't hurt her by cheating on her, yes you can tell him how you still feel about him. but what the point? I am unable to understand

    • Because he is cheating on her with me like I said.

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  • If he isn't willing to be with you and only you he isn't worth the hassle. You're letting him have his cake and eat it to.

    What if he leaves her for you? Yea, you'd be happy but just like how he is cheating on her with you he may turn around and cheat on you with someone else and may never tell you.. You'll continue to be on the back burner.

    Don't put yourself through any heartache.

    • You are so right girl. That's so sad that she would put up with that. So if you think about it he doesn't love either of them. LOL!! The truth hurts but if he really loved one or the other he would have been faithful to one.

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  • i don't think he loves her otherwise he'd not cheat on her... sounds like she's just a rebound mostly


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  • no, he's your ex. let him move on with his life while you move on with yours. doesn't seems fair to put you through that. or him either


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