What do you think if your boyfriend of 1 and 7 months will consistently ask his EX for get together?

Please help... my boyfriend of 1 and 7 months, although we've been break up for a couple of time, has been consistently asked her ex girlfriend of 9 years for get together for a beer. Don't get me wrong they have a cat together and his ex is the one who had this cat that he really loves. So every time his ex girlfriend talk about the cat or even asked him to take care of the cat, he always as in always ask her for drink or get together and it happens that I find it out secretly in his email. Although it didn't happen yet, and if I asked him he always deny it. My question is, what do you think he feels about her and he feels about me? is he just using me? do you think he still in love with his ex and the reason why he always ask her for get together is to explain? please help, I really need some opinion. please please please help...thanks and I appreciate it...


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  • he still has feelings for her. the cat is just an excuse to keep dealing with her. why would you want to be with a man who is that hung up on his ex?

  • they only have a cat? my fiance have a child together..

    yes he still has feelings for her but more like care than anything..

    yes they hang out sometimes..see each other every other day and week..

    what I do is be cool about it..nothing I do to change that..the kid loves me I love him and so I have to deal with my own feelings frist before I can deal with others..

    he loves me for that and now we're about to get married..just "trust" him that means forgive him if he ever cheats on you with her..do not force the things that are not going to happen anytime soon.he will find that on his own,and he can weigh that himself..if he decides to be back with her,let him go..do not make his problems be yours I meant don't bother about it..if you can't handle the situation then kiss it good bye..

    he probably could be feeling torn right now.. your counteract should be patience..do not fight about it and insted be cool about it..so when it comes down to him making decision,he'd see it like ohh my new girl is nice,me and my ex broke up because we did not get along..thats how my boyfriend did his break..he realize they are better off just friends now than anything and learn to make out what he have with me for new love..his ex actually started talking to me now also,she congratulate us for the wedding..i could careless if it was real or fake but I thank hernicely..see if are being bitchy to her shed get angry and now try to get him back,but if you're nice to her shed be ashamed to do something..we don't always like t be the bad person..if you fight with him to keep him,it will push him away..we can't keep someone that don't want to be kept..make him decide for his own and accept wht ever hs decison would be..


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