Could dating help me get over my ex?

My ex broke up with me 4 months ago and he recently started contacting me again but he was just playing games with me and broke my heart again now I'm so sad again. I just want to get over him and move on and I want to start dating so I can forget about him. Will dating help me?


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  • dating will help but it's a weak way to go

    what i realized is breakups are in a way a good thing they are one of the few times your mind has an extreme amount of motivation to do new and interesting things... and you do these just to get your mind off of them

    i think of breakups as a painful learning and growing time

    my last breakup was awful but as a result i learned to do massive jumps on my mountain bike play the violin cook amazing meals and to love reading profusely

    these traits made my next girlfriend much more attracted to me and as a result i got a much better woman as a result

    but the most important thing i learned was how to be happy being alone which is priceless


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  • Well if you find a great guy than naturally you will forget about your ex... I think it will help you and you will find someone better:-)

  • I wouldn't jump into anything serious, but dating will definitely help. Especially now, enjoy the summer


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