Is this considered a break up move?

I need to break up with this guy and tomorrow is my birthday, and I don't want him to talk to me or anything. And just like he always does, he sent me a text saying I love you the convoy has been like:
Hay tomorrow ill come love you
Me: No you don't
Him: Your mad at me
Your not mad at me are you?
Me: So fucking stupid and I'm done
Him: Feeling sad
Kaylee please don't be mad because I'll be sad
Kaylee don't brake up with me


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  • Well, if you don't want to talk to him, then ignore him by all means, don't give him attention. Don't talk to him, never do anything you don't want to do.


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  • That's not enough to be considered a break up. You need to actually tell him that the relationship is ending or use the phrase 'I'm breaking up with you' or something similar. Just so that there's no doubt that it's over :)


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