My ex is in a new relationship and is happy. What should I do?

My ex and I dated for 3 years but broke up 6 months because she wanted a break but on the break never got back together. The weird things and this was my mistake we still talked ever day. Then she calls me up the other day to tell me she had been dating a guy for 2 weeks and they were officially a couple and that she was falling fast for him and he treated her well. She also said she was trying to not to like him but couldn't help it. I asked her why? She said because I don't wanna see you hurt. I'm just confused of why she would call me up to tell me this and why she cared if I were hurt or not because we've been broken up for 6 months


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  • dont fight it. Let them do their thing and you do your thing.

    Why wait around for it.? It sucks. Yeah, but ain't anything you can do.

    Would you rather she came back if you tricked her to?

    Or would you want her to come back if she felt she made a mistake?

    Or would you want her back at all?

    I mean its ben 6 months? Find a new flame. Can be hard to do. But as soon as you exept that she ain't there no more and you find a girl. Well your more or less gonna forget about her.

    Think in this extreme way for a sec. (whos your favorite babe? Lets just say carmen elektra. who doesn't like her? )

    What if you went to a club, Carmen came over and was all like. " hi babe. Wanna come over to my place. I'm pretty sure you wherent gonna say. " no thanks. I'm waiting for my ex to come around.

    So you just need to find that someone who can get you moving.

    Maybe she still cares for you. But if she cares enough she will tell you. Meanwhile see what's happening in the world.


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  • because she cares about you still, but not like that anymore...good luck. But she just wanted to be honest with you I think


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  • Get over it and don't let it bother you too much. Get out in the world and find someone new. At least she gave a damn enough about you to be honest and didn't leave you hanging. She had enough character to do that. Don't stress over it and go out and live your life.

  • i feel for your pain in the same situation too... =]


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