Why Do We Cheat?

I don't want an answer that has anything to do with "because I deserved something better or because I was drunk" I want a legitimately thought-through answer that takes control beyond the idealistic human awareness. I'm tired of excuses. Cheating is an excuse... So tell me. Why do we cheat?


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  • Its because a lot of people are weak, if someone offers it, they always want more or whatever is easy. Its a greed, if its easy to get and adds to what you have, people will do it. They never think it'll bite them in the ass, naive I guess.

    • I'm going to comment on yours cause it's the closest thing to an answer that I was looking for...So when they commit the action they arn't thinking about their significant other or at least trying not to? If their needs are to have sex then why are they in a relationship? If they can't be patient, willing, loyal, agreeable then why are they in a relationship?

    • If they cheat I think its a given they wouldn't think about their partner, They would be in a relationship because they probably think it means they would have sex frequently and would have someone to call when they want it. Again the last bit relates to the previous, they believe their partner would give it to them at a stage in the relationship whenever they wanted. If they are offered it they just think, great more sex...

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  • When my ex cheated on me , he told me it was because he was insecure about his looks...but that makes no sense surely he would feel confdient about his apperance if he was going out picking up all these girls.

    Anyway I told him that was the worst excuse I've heard, there are days when I wake up and think I look awful , does not mean I go out and find a man to sleep with :/


  • Cheating is just a big ass hole in people's morality. It's based on deceit and selfishness. In reality you never deserved anything better and you were drunk SO you could cheat. It doesn't make you better morally. Excuses are just that, excuses for having p*ss poor morals.

    If you aren't getting some things you need from your partner, talk to him/her. Leave him/her if things get amazingly hopeless, but all cheating does is shows that you don't care and the relationship didn't mean much. People are weak, but people who love each other truly can curb those weaknesses to be better for their partners, but those people today might be few and far between...

  • we cheat because they cheat first.

    we cheat because we are born animals that no not follow what is written in the book about morals and values.."who write the book? human" we don't like believing other humans..

    we cheat because "his d*** is better/her p**** is better" but I don't want to be with him or her..

    we cheat because we can't help to "not"

    lastly we cheat because lets just face it..no one is perfect,we see oher stuff from others that our partners dont..

    • You just gave me all of the answers I didn't want. I hope you don't follow any of these reasons to justify cheating. This is terrible.. and apparently people agree with me

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    • Cheating. I just wanted a REASON.... and your answers were too semantically obvious and full of the degradation of the human soul. If you see all of your friends like this.. I pity you. And, I'm sad for everyone that you meet in the future for they will have to put up with how dry you are and how little life and honor you have for your own kind. oh and btw you shouldnt be answering questions on her if you are a full blown realist. Nobody is going to listen to someone who has no respect for them

    • Im done talking to you..if you put up a question that do not want to be answered in any way the answerer want then that's far more stupid than being a realist...you obviouslyis hopelessly romantic person who dreams on the broad daylight.wake up dude and start living where you belong..

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  • To get our needs filled, if we don't get them from our partner. I really can't see another reason.

    Still a sh*tty thing to do, but I think its like that-

    You have a girl/boy and don't get enough attention, sex or we have problems and are sad all the time. Could be anything.

    Then we either search or get found by a person who delivers that. And we fail to control our self and do what's right. I mean its that or you just don't care about your *partner enough to care about it.


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