Can anyone please give this a quick read?

Me and my ex broke up 8 months ago and things ended badly because I had a hard time but I never apologized for the way I acted so I've been trying to write something for the longest time. She is all I ever think about still and have finally wrote a letter to apologize and to try and become friends. I was wondering if anyone had the time to take a look at it and make suggestions?

Thank you,

docs. google. com/document/d/1eoriAMKs4zqVtgB0hh2UV4_SUOYMtaPkY45rOF1PFe0/edit? pli=1

fix space at // and between the dots please!


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  • ... just wow ... i was tearing while reading this I swear :( ... I think its very good and it will make her understand lots of things... I REALLY hope things will work out with u guys at the end coz u went through lots of things and this looooooong letter really shows how much u love her and it's clear that u regret the bad things u did... Good luck buddy !

    • THANK YOU!

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    • Yep 😊👍

    • I sent u the friend. Request

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  • Tears shed while I was reading this. No doubt, it's quite long, but it's very beautifully written! If one day any of my ex were to write a letter to me like this (granted I still have feelings for him), there's possibility I'd get back together. This is amazing. What did she said regarding to this letter btw? Hope things worked out for you in the end. :)

  • i think it is good.

    • You end up reading the whole thing? You don't think it's to repetitive or has something I shouldn't say? You kinda of know what happened now and if you were that girl what would you do? Thank You so much; means a lot to me :)

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