My sort of ex is coming to town and wants me to meet his girlfriend, do I go?

Awkward, awkward awkward.
We were best friends for around 10 years. He liked me, I liked him. All the timing was just completely off. I broke his heart in high school, he broke mine in college. We never actually dated. We were always back and forth for years. In college he finally came out to me one day and said that he had been using me emotionally b/c he wanted a girlfriend, but that he didn't have romantic feelings for me. We stopped being friends for a while partially because I couldn't stand him and what he did. He begged and begged for us to be friends again. I stopped ignoring him and what do you know... reverse psychology he stopped talking to me. In a way I got what I wanted, but I knew our friendship was forever changed.

Now he just calls and shows up when he feels like it. He doesn't live in the same city anymore, he doesn't keep in touch. He'll randomly text me every couple months to make sure I know he's still around.

How do I get out of hanging out with him? He'll totally know if I am lying to get out of seeing him. I REALLY don't want to see him though. Esp when he's bringing her!! his first ever gf!!! yes, his first ever girlfriend. We're 25, nothing wrong with that, but is there something so wrong that I don't want to meet this chic? Why is it so important for me to meet her anyway?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Does he need your blessing or something? Don't go if you don't want to go simple as that

    • I think he does! He considers me one of the most important people in his life. I think he wants me to be a little jealous though, dont you think? His first ever gf? I've had other bf's since.

Most Helpful Girl

  • ... But I knew our friendship was forever changed...
    He may just want to show her off to get you mad and sad and also may want your approval.
    Let sleeping dogs lie, don't go barking up the wrong tree here, dear. You really don't want to go so don't.
    Tell him you think it best to just let This rest and thank you but no thanks... I am busy.
    Good luck. xx

    • I think he wants my approval. I feel like if I don't go then he'll just say that I'm not over him. If I do go... it'll be SUPER awkward because we know each other so well that we can read each other's facial expressions.

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    • Yes, cut out the cancer. xx

    • it's hard to believe that someone I so wanted in my life could've turned out to be so bad. I was his one mistake. I thought it was completely forgiveable, but he hasn't done much in my opinion to make things better. I think that I got so used to the extra treatment I got from him that I never understood what just being friends w/ him is like. I don't like it, but we also can't have more... so we're stuck in this horrible limbo I guess.

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What Guys Said 1

  • There is not reason you should go.

    • I think he partially wants to show her off to me. It's his first girlfriend. I've had bf's since him and I had our shindig. He has never been a good friend to me since everything happened, but I'm pretty sure the only reason I got so much attention back in the day is b/c he liked me.. and I didn't know it.

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    • I guess he wants to show you he has sort of moved on, wants to keep you in his life as a friend and would like your approval... xxoo

    • Yeah, exactly. My approval shouldn't matter. Nor do I want it to. What a sucky thing to have happen.

What Girls Said 5

  • Maybe he just did dent know what you wanted. You should've been direct and told him how you wanted the friendship to be. It might be imortant for you to still meet his girlfriend because maybe your still an important person to him or just wants to show off and get validation.

    • it was years ago now, but the friendship never got better. He calls me his.. what is the word... I don't know whatever the word is that made him change his ways completely person. He does want my validation, I think he partially wants to show off too. He's never had a girlfriend.

    • Shouldn't feel obligated to go then. Its your right. Just tell him the truth :)

    • haha I'm going to fake back out at the last minute for sure.

    he is an asshole don't go he is not your friend and was using you all along
    some guys right?

    • haahahaha I bet he'll want to talk more when they break up

  • it doesn't matter how long you've known him. he obviously doesn't care about you and is just using you. he's playing with you. he used you yet you still talk to him? who cares about his new girlfriend? just tell him to forget about you.

    • Yeah, it was a weird situation... it was actually several years ago so you think it'd pass by now. I think seeing him is just a reminder.

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    • kick that manwhore outta your life. you deserve better girly♥

    • lame. so lame. so many years invested... but it has kind of died since then.

  • better go!! yah guys are bestfriend. and maybe he wants you to meet his girl, and see if you want that girl for him.. youjust have to smile. and talk to the girl his bringing like old times..

    • we were best friends... aren't anymore.

  • If you don't want to go, don't go.

    • def don't want to go, but he'll see right through it and he'll call me out on it

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    • Then, don't go. :)

    • he'll know, but w/e

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