Is there an increase chance of divorce if you have children right away after marriage?

I have a question about marriage. I am just curious. So I was taking a psych class on couples and family relationships and we talked about the seven stages of marriage. Which is pretty interesting. And I just wanted to know that if individuals get married quickly and have children within a year of their marriage. Are they more likely to have a divorce. And does social status such as being rich , poor, or being in the military aslo effect this as well? Will being in your 20's also increase the chance rather than in your 30's? Thank you so much for your answers. I just wanted to know. If you want to share personal experiences or obsevations that will help answer my question as well.


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  • I really don't think the children would be the cause of the divorce, but I'm not saying that it couldn't be

    • Oh ok. That's a good point.

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  • This post made me laugh so much and I had to answer it right away. I was with my boyfriend at the age of 16 & a half almost 17 years old. 3 years later I was 20years old and we got married. 3 months later I got pregnant with my 1st daughter. We have been together for 11 years altogether but married 8 years and we had another girl. We are totally happy. My first daughter is 7 the other is 3 & a half.
    Keep in mind I was young when I got in a relationship and got married young. But guess what it still lasted and I love him just like the first time we met.


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  • Yeah I think those that have kids near instantly don't think their actions through properly, in fact t, I am not even sure if they even know each other by the time they get married.

    • That was one of the things I thought about. Was that even though a person has dated someone for a long time. It is different from living with the person. There is a sort of different type of knowledge about a person when you live with them versus dating. And when moving to fast I think sometimes couples can be still in the first phase of marriage (halo effect/honey moon phase) and overlook each others flaws. I think its important to at least be together in marriage without kids for at least two -three years to see if your comfortable with each other first with flaws and all before involving a little one. That is just my opinion.

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